Rapport aus Belo, Kamerun

Dear Rosina

Receive warm greetings from us in Cameroon. I was thinking power will come and I do an official email to you with our logo, but it has been many days and no electricity. I decided to do this one. Each time we are updating about our computer school we are largely expressing gratitude seeing what impact it makes in the lives of the people in the community. We have enough training space because of the building and enough computers and laptops to serve the needs of the many students who come by. Thank you for this provision. We are also happy that during this time of crisis it has been the only kind of program functioning around. We have students as far as Muteff and Akeh, many miles away, and who make up the number of regular students at the centre. Equally, we have class 6 students who come by twice a week to have a knowledge of computer basics. With the school’s closure because of covid-19, examination classes are allowed to function. As regards their trainers, we have two ladies, Faith and Rachel, and a hardware technician who checks on the welfare of the computers occasionally.

I thank you equally for the provision of the solar lamp for reading. It helps students in the evening as we have constant power failure.
The community is so happy with the construction of the two classes at the primary school. All plastering is done and only finishing touches are left and then we are arranging for painting. The toilet is dug and only the structure left for construction. Very soon everything will be over, and the pupils start enjoying it when the desks are done. I send a special thank you again from the community of Jinkfuin.
On a similar note, the community happy because of our successful organization of the primary school and construction of the classrooms, have approached me again to organize a secondary school. Not all parents have the means to send their children to secondary schools far away, and since the former secondary schools closed because of the crisis, we must think of ways to accommodate the children. We have started to organize an evening secondary school with the help of volunteer teachers.
Concerning our plans for the near future as I told you, we would have loved to have a means of transportation to facilitate work. We already received a donation from a lady to start the fund with until it reaches the amount. During construction we suffered so much in purchasing some construction material simply because we never had a means of transportation of our own.
Like we discussed last time in Yaoundé that it is good to always make our plans known, the other next thing we thought of doing beside the computer building is to create a reading centre both with hard copies and a digital library. This is because children who have missed education these years can only catch up when they have access to books and resources. It is difficult for them to find and we started meeting this need by creating a small library which has been extremely useful. The new laptops had a lot of resources inside for students. In future we construct a library and a reading centre near the computer school.

Pass on my greetings to everyone. I will be in touch again very soon.

Belo, 25. Juni 2020, Teh Francis Y.

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