Bericht von der Theologischen Universität in Kumba, Kamerun


Greetings from Kumba in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  We do hope this report will meet you all in good health.  For us here in Kumba and Cameroon, we are coping by the special grace of God despite the Socio-political unrest rocking the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. 

We continue to render thanks and appreciation to Informatik Fur Afrika for coming to our aid in providing and sustaining computers and some related accessories to the our institution.  We continue to register our deepest words of thanks to Mrs. Rosina Hug for making frequent visits to PTS Kumba.  We really missed when she lastly programmed to visit us but failed because of the socio-political crises in the Anglophone Regions of our country.  She is a wonderful woman and a mother.  We owe her a lot and only God can reward her.

A new academic year has just begun in our institution.  The computer Lab is functional above average.  The lap is being put into maximum use by the student body.  We are making maximum use of the low-power computers.  But for the others desktop and laptop computers, we still experience some difficulties.  Difficulties in the sense that we still have consistent and persistent problem of low voltage supply.  The voltage regulators and power backups provided by your organisation help us a lot as we can manage the lap with their presence. But these cannot withstand the persistent and consistent low voltage and they get broken down gradually.

On the present state of the computers, eight desktops, six laptops, and five low-power computers are functional.  We have six instead of the previously reported seven because the other one has crashed.  The last time Mrs. Rosina visited us, she recommended that the non-functional desktops and laptops be sent to the recycling unit in Buea.  But to this date, they are still here in PTS Kumba, mainly because movement to and from Buea is not as easy.  The Manager of PCC IT Centre asked us to just preserve them until things normalize, then he will come for them.  We are trying our best to maintain the computers technically though it is not easy. 

By the grace of God, the Administration of PTS tried to secure some funds for the Optic Fibre project.  As of now, the fibre optic is on campus and network distribution is on.  Two giant screens have been fixed in the 2nd Computer Lab in order to facilitate lectures via Skype.  With this element, internet connection is greatly enhanced.  We kindly plead with Informatik Fur Afrika to assist us take the project to completion by assisting in the funding of the last stage of the networking project estimated at 1.2million FCFA.  At present, work is on-going with a technician from Limbe.  Our wish is that we can have this funding for him to finish the work before returning to Limbe.  After the networking is completed, we intend to subscribe with CAMTEL for the provision of internet services.  The cost of subscription is 2.5 million FCFA.  This makes the total cost remaining, for the community to enjoy the new services, to stand at 4.6 million FCFA.  We shall be indeed grateful if our request is granted.

The moving of the low-power computers to the present site was a well guided decision as the students can better enjoy the services of the low-power computers.  We hope that the partnership between the PTS and your organisation will continue and emerge stronger with greater dreams and visions in the field of ICT.

We promise to put in our best to sustain the partnership and uphold the values of your organisation.

While hoping to receive Mrs. Rosina when she comes by November this year, everything being equal, we wish all the board members of Informatik Fur Afrika God’s abundant blessings.

In the service of the Lord,

Rev. Godwill Mbehnteng, ICT Coordinator, PTS, Kumba







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