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Belo, 12. April 2018

Dear Rosina,

Thank you for writing again.Below is a report of what we have been doing at our computer school in Belo from January to April 2018. After graduating some students, we had some 4 students who went on internship to other documentations in preparation for graduation. We also have 27 regular students who are learning computer at our place. The number has dropped because of the anglophone crisis. Those who do not have National Identification cards are afraid to come to Belo because the area is militarized. 

We also have some of the students who graduated from the computer software application program who have stayed on to learn computer hardware. This is a weekend program as most of them have had jobs or are employed somewhere else. Those who have this kind of holistic training are of much benefit wherever they go to work, and they also find easy employment.

The teachers we have now are Tasah Genesis (who is both software and hardware teacher), Ngala Bertila and Sylvia Tufoin. Faith Abla dropped because she is committed elsewhere. We continue to use the printer and photocopier to raise funds to sustain the program. 

The sporting material you sent are being used by local teams and they are very grateful to have material of such durable type.

We do not have problems with overcrowding now since students reduced for fear of Belo area. When the problems subside, children will flock in again since schools are not properly functioning.

We have not closed the computer school in Belo. We only halt when crisis are at a heat and resume immediately when calm returns. Right now we have halted for more than a week because there have been a lot of killings in Belo. It is only the military that traverses the area now. When calm returns we go back. Since January 2018 a lot of bad things have happened in Belo. Some people have died that you even met them at our previous graduations. We are only praying for calm to return. Belo seems to be the hub of the anglophone crisis.

Do pass on our gratitude to your team members. What you do hear has a lot of impact. Many people have received computer training which they could not have received elsewhere. We charged only a little thing to cover the cost of running the program. In other places a high fee is charged which the underprivileged cannot afford. Also, people who have graduated have found employment in schools, hospitals, businesses or added an achievement to their CVS. Almost all of those who graduated in 2017, 16 in number are in some form of employment.

Thank you once more and greet your family.

Teh Francis Yai,

Goodness and Mercy Missions, Cameroon

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