Bericht aus Limbe, Kamerun

MOKOKO GRACE EMADE, Schulleiterin an der P. C. H. S. (Berufsschule und Gymnasium) in Limbe hat uns einen Abschlussbericht zum neuen Informatikzimmer zukommen lassen.


Vor der Renovation


Frisch gestrichen und neue Stühle








Bi–Annual Report on computer laboratory

Receive post Christmas greetings from the staff and students of P.C.H.S Limbe. We apologize for the late submission of this report which is as a result of the fact that the New Computer Laboratory Chairs were still to be delivered. We shall continue to be indebted to you for this wonderful gesture towards us. We wish to acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Ngide Hilary who has been making several visits to the school to ensure proper follow up of what has to be done. We believe that this innovation which has given a new phase to the Computer Laboratory will continue to serve as an attractive force to the students in particular and the community at large. Permit me at this juncture to keep you posted on the following aspects which were clearly stated in the letter requesting us to submit Bi-Annual Report. The aspects were as follows:

I.)The State of the Computers
The computers (19 in number) instead of 20 and 5 UPS are in very good condition. It is important to note that the computer which was to be used as a server to make the twentieth in number has not still been delivered by Mr. Mofor Emmanuel who happens to be the manager of the ICT centre of the PCC, as agreed on the day of delivery of the 19 computers, despite several reminders and visitations to his office. So presently, there are 19 instead of 20 computers. We ensure that the computers are shut down properly and covered as instructed. We promise to take good care of the machines so that they can stand the test of time.

2.) Usability of the Computers
The machines are well utilized by the children, as per the timetable. We wish to laud the efforts of the part time computer instructor who is always at the children’s disposal despite the very little motivation he receives as a result of the fall in enrolment, stemming from the present crisis.   

3.) Beneficiaries of the Computers
The students are the first beneficiaries amongst others. The parents are indirectly benefiting from this venture as well. In addition, the school in particular and the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon as a whole are equally benefactors. It is owing to the befitting nature of the lab that the school serves as an accommodation practical centre for the General Certificate of Education National Examination. Therefore, it goes without saying that the entire Nation of Cameroon is equally a benefactor.

A.)Computer room
The room now looks more beautiful, owing to the walls which have been painted. Also, the replacement of the antiquity chairs with the 22 modern sophisticated ones has added more beauty and comfort to the laboratory.

Other needs
We continue to remain grateful to you for the continuous effort to ensure that the students and staff have a conducive teaching/learning environment. Like Oliver Twist, we would wish to solicit other pressing needs of the school as indicated below:

  • A monthly motivation for the computer instructor.
  • Construction of new toilets for the students.
  • A projection board for the computer laboratory.
  • Renovation of food and nutrition laboratory/purchase of two gas cookers , gas bottles for food and nutrition practical.
  • A Video projector for the facilitation of teaching and learning
  • Colour laser printers and accessories for the lab and offices
  • A giant colour photocopier for the running of exams (The present one is bad)
  • Lab tops for administrative staff.
  • Paper knife and a combined punch binding machine for the facilitation of administrative duties. May God continue to bless you as you continue to extend a hand of fellowship towards us.

 Yours  Sincerely
Mokoko Grace Emade


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