Dankesschreiben aus Tiko, Kamerun

Tiko, June 2017

Dear Rosina Hug

We are very pleased to send you some pictures of Computer training activities in our home-based centre for less privilege children. The children are very happy to interact with a computer especially a laptop. The news of this training has spread among children and many are coming every day to be enrolled for computer skills. To avoid interruption of other educational related activities at our home-based centre, we have negotiated for space elsewhere where the computer training centre will be fully set up. We have also placed a command for computer tables which will be completed by next week. We will set up the computers in this new space in the days ahead.

We hope you would like the pictures and how wonderful it would be for you to visit us when next come to Cameroon.

Best regards,

Etuge Sumbede Elvis
Executive Director
COREDA – Cameroon

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