Rapport aus Belo, Kamerun










Belo, 24. Mai 2017

Dear Rosina Hug,

How are things in Switzerland? How are things with the organization. Thank you for all the support you provide this way at Goodness and Mercy Missions. We are able to offer computer training to rural youths of a kind where they could not have got it elsewhere. They are poor rural people and even only manage to have their way through school. They could not have had ready extra money do additional practical computer studies. Some of these youths study computer to qualify to be employed in several institutions requiring their services. You are aware we have a good record of success in this area as the people who learned computer have been employed.

Like I told you over the phone, we have a lot of people at the computer training because schools have not been functional in anglophone Cameroon for long and many students seized the opportunity to have practical computer knowledge.

I have attached a document listing the names of students at the training centre, who are stable, committed and willing to graduate one day. There you can see their ages, their communities, their education level and even their sexes. They are all remarkable people are not only learning computer but also experiencing the importance of thinking for the community.

I have equally added some photos of the classes and some of the students.

As for the crisis in Cameroon we keep wishing that they completely subside and things come back to normal. I am very confident that by September students will successfully go back to school. I think the government is leaving no stone unturned to solve the crisis. A lot of positive changes are already taking place. I also want that these issues are solved so that you do your work in Cameroon without any hitches.

My family is fine. There are students ready to graduate. We think when we know the exact time you are coming we shall schedule the graduation to suit the period.

Greet your team, family and the lady you usually travel with.

Teh Francis,

Belo, Cameroon

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